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#6. Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell

#6. Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell


Allen Lane
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Talking to Strangers: What We should Know about the People We Don't Know by Malcolm Gladwell

#6 on the Daily Maverick Best Sellers list

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The new book from the author of The Tipping Point, Blink, Outliers, What the Dog Saw and David and Goliath.

Talking to Strangers is all about what happens when we encounter people we don't know, why it often goes awry, and what it says about us. How do we make sense of the unfamiliar? Why are we so bad at judging someone, reading a face, or detecting a lie? Why do we so often fail to 'get' other people?

No one shows us who we are like Malcolm Gladwell. Here he sets out to understand why we act the way we do, and how we all might know a little more about those we don't.